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Gidon bromberg is nervous. On a sweltering August afternoon, the Israeli environmental activist leads me along the shore of the Ist Psoriasis Sea Sea, watching every step we take. Towering sandstone mesas loom above our heads; the saline lake extends like a shimmering sheet of turquoise click the hazy mountains of Jordan.

The temperature is pushing degrees, the sun beats down on my neck, and my feet crunch pieces of petrified driftwood and calcium deposits—wrinkled white sheets that bear a disturbing resemblance to human rib cages. Bromberg stops abruptly beside a gaping crater, Psoriasis auf dem Gesicht than 60 feet deep, and a sign that reads DANGER: Up and down the Dead Sea, on the Jordanian and Israeli coasts, the shoreline is pockmarked by these sinkholes—testifying to an environmental catastrophe.

The Dead Sea is shrinking, and as it recedes, the fresh water aquifers along the perimeter of the lake are receding along with it. As this fresh water diffuses into salt deposits beneath the surface of the shoreline, the water slowly dissolves the deposits until the earth above collapses without warning.

More than Ist Psoriasis Sea, sinkholes have appeared in the past 15 years. Environmental experts believe that hotels along the shore are also in danger. As we trudge back along the shore, Bromberg points click the following article the Ein Gedi Spa, built along the waterline about 20 years ago.

Today the resort sits marooned on a spit of wasteland almost a mile from the water; a trolley carries guests to and from the beach along a track that must be extended every year. Driving a few miles south, past the ancient Jewish fortress of Masada, we come upon Ein Bokek, a garish strip of high-rise hotels that calls to mind Atlantic City, New Jersey. Now he directs Friends of the Earth Middle East, the most active of several environmental groups working to galvanize concern for the dying sea.

With a staff of Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians, and with offices in Tel Aviv, Bethlehem and Amman, Friends of the Earth has become a model of regional cooperation at a time when most such ventures have all but disappeared. During the past several years, Friends of the Earth has sponsored exhibitions of Dead Sea photographs and conducted tours for journalists and government officials.

The Ist Psoriasis Sea has lobbied Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Authority to nominate the Dead Sea as a United Nations World Heritage site—a designation that would mandate creation of an environmental protection plan and restrict development. The work has been difficult—and at times dangerous. During the most recent wave of Palestinian uprisings, beginning five years ago, simply bringing together staffers from Jordan, the Palestinian territories and Israel turned into a logistical nightmare.

He escaped without injury. The assailants were eventually captured. Created by the same Ist Psoriasis Sea of tectonic plates that formed the Syrian-African Rift Valley several million years ago, the Dead Sea owes its precarious state to Ist Psoriasis Sea human and geological factors. Originally part of an ancient, much larger lake that extended to the Sea of Galilee, its outlet to the sea evaporated some 18, years ago, leaving a salty residue in a desert basin at the lowest point on earth—1, feet below sea level.

Since then, this body of water, known as the Dead Sea since Greco-Roman times, has maintained its equilibrium through a fragile Ist Psoriasis Sea cycle: Until the Ist Psoriasis Sea, the flow of fresh water equaled the rate of evaporation, and Dead Sea water levels held steady. Since then, the Dead Sea has declined dramatically.

It needs an infusion of billion gallons of water annually to maintain its current size; it gets barely 10 percent of that. Some 50 miles long Ist Psoriasis SeaIst Psoriasis Sea sea is Ist Psoriasis Sea 30 miles long today. Water levels are falling at an average rate click three feet per year. According to a recent Israeli government study, the rate of Ist Psoriasis Sea will slow and the Dead Sea will reach equilibrium again in a few decades—but not before losing another third of its present volume.

Such a scenario represents an immeasurable loss. Ist Psoriasis Sea refuge over the millennia for messiahs, martyrs and zealots, the Dead Sea region abounds with sites sacred to Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Some Muslims believe that Moses, whom they regard as a prophet, lies buried Ist Psoriasis Sea a hilltop mosque just off the main road from Jerusalem. Jesus Christ was said to have been baptized in the Jordan River after traveling down to the Dead Sea from Galilee.

At the fortress of Masada, Ist Psoriasis Sea 1, Israelites committed suicide en masse in A. InBedouin shepherds, searching for a stray goat in the Judean Desert, entered a cave at Qumran near the north shore of the lake and discovered clay jars containing 2,year-old scripture written in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic—the Dead Sea scrolls.

Fed by fresh water springs and aquifers, a half-dozen oases along the shore harbor scores of indigenous species of plants, fish Ist Psoriasis Sea mammals, including ibex and leopards. About million birds representing at least species, including storks, pelicans, lesser spotted eagles, lesser kestrels and honey buzzards, take refuge here during a biannual great migration from Africa to Europe and back again.

But as the Dead Sea recedes, the springs that feed the oases are moving along with it; many experts believe that Ein Feshka and other oases could wither away within five years. In aprilwhen Palestine was a desolate outpost of the Ottoman Empire, American adventurer Lt.

William Francis Lynch embarked on a U. Navy expedition to chart the course of the Jordan River to Ist Psoriasis Sea Dead Sea. Lynch and his party of scientists and topographers set off in three vessels from the Sea of Galilee and quickly see more themselves swept up in a frothing torrent.

InIsrael constructed a dam, the Degania Gate, a few hundred feet south of this spot, to collect water from the Sea of Galilee for the National Water Carrier project.

Dozens of other collective farms in the area also dip into the river. After a few minutes we arrive at a small earthen dam, where the Jordan comes to a pitiful end.

On one side lies a stagnant pool covered by algae. Arusted rowboat is submerged beneath the surface. On the other side of the dam, liquid gushes from two pipes and flows down the riverbed.

One flow consists of raw sewage from kibbutzim in the area. Another reason, according to environmentalists and various government officials, is a water policy on the part of Israel, Jordan and Syria that encourages unrestricted agricultural use. The results have been disastrous: Jordan lavishes similar water subsidies Ist Psoriasis Sea its farmers with similar consequences: Several days later on another outing with Bromberg,we are hiking through the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, on a ridge feet above the Dead Sea.

Astream of fresh water, originating in an underground spring deep in the JudeanDesert, rushes through a steep canyon dense with tamarisk, pine, birch and oleander. We ascend to the top of the canyon, where a cascade tumbles down sandstone cliffs into a cool, clear pool. Yet not a single drop Ist Psoriasis Sea that spring water—some million gallons a year—reaches the Dead Sea.

To Bromberg and other environmentalists, kibbutz policy is rank hypocrisy. People have come close to being killed. We almost had to close the kibbutz, and the government does nothing. It has no policy to save the Dead Sea. So what is the answer? Environmental activists say that one solution is to eliminate the water click the following article altogether. Even Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who grows vegetables on his farm in the NegevDesert, likes the subsidies.

Another approach is to encourage alternate water sources. In addition, the Israeli government is promoting the building of wastewater treatment plants and desalination facilities; the FS, Psoriasis-Behandlung japanische Sophora gleich large one on the Mediterranean was completed this past August.

Over the next five years, the government says, these facilities will provide as much as billion gallons of fresh Ist Psoriasis Sea annually for agricultural and domestic consumption. Friends of the Earth is also taking its message to the farmers themselves—encouraging them to plant crops that use less water and spelling out the advantages of renewed tourism in the area. They could be using treated sewage water and allow fresh water to flow back into the Jordan River. To see the possibilities of tourism for myself, I visit the Gesher kibbutz, which straddles the ancient trade route from the port of Akko and Jerusalem to Damascus and Baghdad.

The Romans, Ottomans and British all built bridges over the Jordan at this spot; the spans remained intact until Maywhen defending guerrillas blew them up partially to prevent 3, Iraqi troops from invading the newly declared state of Israel. Last year, the kibbutz put a train car on one of the bridges and restored some buildings in the area, including a 13th-century khanor guesthouse, and an Ottoman-era customhouse, to Ist Psoriasis Sea tourists to the site.

But it remains a hard sell. The border zone, where the kibbutz is located, is one of the tensest places in the world—bristling with watchtowers, machine-gun nests and barbed wire. As Ist Psoriasis Sea head down to the riverbank, Nirit Bagron, my tour guide from the kibbutz, halts before a military security fence covered with sensors that can detect would-be terrorist infiltrators from Jordan.

Bagron, who brings tourists here by special Ist Psoriasis Sea with the Israeli Defense Forces, is quickly checked by Israeli troops and permitted to pass, as am I. As we approach the river, she points out three observation posts perched atop the rugged hills lining the Jordanian side.

The Jordan River, its mix of untreated sewage and saline runoff flowing below us, courses through a black basalt canyon and under the ancient Roman bridge. Bagron looks down and grimaces. Joshua Hammer is a contributing writer to Smithsonian magazine and the author, most recently, of The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu: Subscribe or Give a Gift. Toggle Share Search Search Ist Psoriasis Sea Search Search. GIVE A GIFT Left. How Eggs Get Their Shapes. The Packhorse Librarians of the Great Depression.

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Sign up for more FREE Everyday Health newsletters. Please enter a valid email address. FAST FACTS Leber treat Schuppenflechte combination of factors, including the mineral content of the water and the unique quality Ist Psoriasis Sea the sunlight, make bathing in the Dead Sea an effective psoriasis treatment. Adding sea salts to a bath at home may offer some mild relief but in no way replicates the beseitigen Juckreiz benefits of soaking in the Dead Sea.

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